Yara wants a fancy dress to marry Jovi in ​​Las Vegas. Image Credit: TLC

Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren are about to get married on their 90 day fiancé, and in the next episode we’ll see how she chooses the perfect wedding dress.

And if she knows Yara, she won’t wear anything traditional or modest.

Check out one of her potential wedding dresses as she talks to Jovi’s mom about her wedding plans in this 90-day fiancé sneak peek.

Yara shows all of her curves in revealing dress

As the clip begins, Yara says, “I’m ready” before walking out of the locker room in a beautiful dress that certainly doesn’t scream “Wedding”!

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It’s off-white and sparkling and clings to every curve. When she asks Jovi’s mother, “Do you like it?” It is pretty clear that she is trying to be as polite as possible so as not to offend her future daughter-in-law.

After asking Gwen if she likes it, Yara says, “This is Vegas-y.”

“I think it’s … the slit is too high, but it’s a nice dress. It suits you very well, ”she continues as the awkwardness increases.

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Then Jovi’s mother wipes away her tears and tells Yara to ask her why she looks so sad. It turns out that she’s feeling a bit sentimental about her son getting married and we already know these women disagree about how the wedding should go.

“Finally someone is going to marry my child, I’m emotional,” explains Gwen, wiping away her tears.

But Yara tells her, “It’s not today,” before telling her to hold her tears for the actual wedding day.

It’s not about you, Gwen

Then Gwen points out that she won’t be there to cry over her son’s wedding because she isn’t invited.

That was a point of contention between Yara and Jovi’s family because they want to be there to celebrate this major milestone. On the other hand, Yara just wants to go to Las Vegas with Jovi and marry him quietly, without all the chaos of his family.

Of course, she has said that her desire for an easy wedding has more to do with the fact that her own family cannot be there.

But seeing Gwen so sad that she’s not there for her son’s big day is slowly making Yara guilty. Not to mention that Jovi’s mom has been a huge supporter and friend to her when Jovi is on a business trip.

That seemed to melt Yara a little, to the point where she invited Gwen to go to Las Vegas for the wedding.

The two women have started to bond, even agreeing on a wedding dress that was a little less revealing than the first one she tried on, but still showed every curve.

It seems that Yara is turning a corner with Jovi’s family and they might all get along after all. This is great news considering that not too long ago the family literally had a conversation asking themselves if Yara would steal from them.

Now that Yara is expecting Gwen’s grandson, she seems to be warming up for the Ukrainian bride.

Check out this 90 Day Fiancé insight below and make sure to tune in to see how wedding planning works.

90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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