“We used a mixture of puppeteering and cease movement animation to breathe life into our smooth toys, which was a primary for us,” the creatives inform Muse. “We had nice companions and collectively we managed to work out how they might transfer naturally, how you can push the degrees of emotion, and the way they might benefit from the photograph field. We additionally had the problem of constructing the photograph field. As a substitute of doing the easy factor of reskinning an current machine and including some branding, we constructed the complete machine, interface and digital output from scratch. We additionally needed to make it reasonably priced (free), sustainable (digital solely) and straightforward to grasp step-by-step.”


PROJECT NAME: IKEA Shibuya photograph field – “Evening on the photograph field”

Inventive Director: Max Pilwat
Artwork Director: Shohei Kawada
Copywriters: Max Cameron, Yuji Takahashi
Designers: Shohei Kawada, Bryant Wutuh
Head of Manufacturing: Michelle Brough
Company Producers: Masataka Odaka, Siyun Kim
Account Group: Jordan Cappadocia, Chelsea Hayashi, Naomi Hirano, Isao Okubo
Comms Planner: Joanna Fukae
Studio supervisor: Aiwei Ichikawa
Translator: Takuro Kobayashi, Toshiko Iida
PR: Midori Sugama
Company Videographer/Photographer: Vinod Vijayasankaran
Company Editor: Jacob Kim
Managing Director: Yosuke Suzuki
Government Inventive Director: Scott Dungate

Movie Manufacturing
Director: Masahito Kobayashi (dwarf studios)
Producer: Hiroki Ito (dwarf studios)
Manufacturing Supervisor: Momo Hiramatsu (dwarf studios)
Manufacturing Assistants: Takana Goda (dwarf studios), Junko Negishi (dwarf studios), Emi Satomura (dwarf studios), Naho Aoki (dwarf studios)
DOP: Kazumi Takahashi (Elory Inc.)
1st Assistant Cameraman: Hiroyuki Oka (Elory Inc.), Shinnosuke Suzuki (Elory Inc.)
2nd Assistant Cameraman: Kento Kurosawa (Elory Inc.)
Puppeteer: Mamika Kawajiri (PUPPET THEATER PUK)
Puppeteer: Saiya Seki (STUDIO NOVA)
Puppeteer Remodeler: Kazuyoshi Matsuyama (STUDIO NOVA)
Puppeteer Assistant: Midori Sakamoto (STUDIO NOVA)
Gaffer: Toru Saito
Greatest Boy Electrical: Yasuhiro Yoshida
Greatest Boy: Kosuke Matsushita, Yusuke Suzuki
Colorist: Ai Hirata (TREE Digital Studio)
Assistant Colorist: Miku Minai (TREE Digital Studio)
Editor: Makoto Hoashi
Music, Sound Design, Combine: Masataka Odaka, Yukie Sone
Retoucher: Daiichi Seihan

W+K Made a version of an Arcade Photo Booth for Tokyo Ikea


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