Summer is a great time of year to hold your ceremony outdoors.

Not only is the weather great, but there may be fewer restrictions and regulations, as being outdoors is considered safer than indoors during the pandemic.

Summer breezes, lots of green, tents and twinkling lights create a fresh and airy atmosphere for the ceremony and reception. “Tented Weddings are the new ballroom,” wedding planner and designer Jove Meyer told The Knot. “Couples lean into nature and the fresh air in a way that they haven’t done in the past.”

Whole weekends can be planned outdoors, including welcoming ceremonies and receptions, as weddings converge into smaller, safer parties that can be more luxurious with these smaller crowds, yet still make the budget. Think s’mores and bonfires under the stars instead of star-studded huge receptions under chandeliers.

Outdoor weddings can also be less formal occasions, including a relaxed dress code that is more comfortable for both the guests and the happy couple. Today’s ceremonies are heavy with fun and sentimentality and light with formality, and every detail should reflect this.

Mother Nature can be a welcome guest at your wedding in front of a spectacular backdrop or a jewel-colored sunset to end the day. Or she lets the whole thing crash with a thunderstorm or excessive heat. All of your wedding plans need support, especially those taking place outside. The good news is that today’s smaller ceremonies are much more agile and can easily adapt to changing conditions.

Your wedding planner can help set up a variety of options for you and your guests. This will help you relax as you near your wedding day no matter what the weather is like.

Depending on your venue, you need to consider things like parking, facilities for your guests, and plenty of space for staff.

Wedding planners are professionals at figuring out what each venue needs in terms of extras from other providers.

Just like with indoor ceremonies, you also need to consider wearing masks, social distancing, and other precautions.

Even if you are outdoors, follow all local convention and event restrictions and regulations to stay safe.


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