MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCBD) – The pandemic forced changes to plans for thousands of weddings across the country, but now wedding venues, brides and grooms are making new fixtures for their big days.

“I have rings and signs and things that people got me who say May 16th. There will be a lot of May 16th stuff everywhere, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it,” says Bre Koch , a bride from Georgetown County.

The changes include some venues reducing capacity, and in some cases that means 400-100 guests.

“We changed things, but we just made sure we passed the story on with the brides so they had enough time to prepare,” said Chelsea Banias, director of the Harborside East venue.

With this change, and the use of the outdoor space by smaller weddings, venues like Harborside East have followed state and CDC guidelines while keeping their guests having fun.

“We have a large outdoor space, so we’ve seen a lot more outdoor events where people are much more comfortable and let their hair down when they’re in an outdoor space,” said Banias.

With a venue, vendors, and planners that were flexible, it took some brides a year to reschedule their day.

“We didn’t have to make any restrictions, that was great. I know a lot of people who had to and a lot of brides who had to halve their number of guests or even have 20, but that’s why I wanted to postpone it, ”says Koch.

Venue owners say they will continue their changes after the pandemic.

“Vendors who make really good decisions, caterers have changed the way they serve food. We still see a lot of masks and we see a lot of social distancing, but I think everyone is a little more hopeful because there is a little less sadness and worry on the horizon, ”said Banias.

Wedding venues like Harborside East plan to follow CDC guidelines for the remainder of the pandemic to keep everyone safe.


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