With the state reopening in less than a month, event coordinators in Lackawanna County are preparing for major weddings.

LACKAWANNA COUNTY, PA. – Rain on your wedding day is said to have been lucky, but Scranton Country Club almost every wedding in the past year has been out, so rain like we had this week would not be a welcome sight for couples on their big day.

“I’m probably more excited than the brides when it comes to hosting indoor events and taking advantage of the space I enjoy working with, and I know really well,” said event coordinator Laraine Birks, Country Club of Scranton.

With the state reopening in less than a month, event coordinators in Lackawanna County are looking back on what the pandemic did to the wedding industry.

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“I think it’s changed a lot. You realize you don’t have to invest as much in the ceremony as you do in the party, so it gets a little more intimate,” said Sandi Brady, director of food and drink at Elmhurst Country Club.

But in just a few weeks, those guest lists don’t have to be quite as constrained.

“Oh, wow, this really happens. Everyone is excited. Everyone is ready. I get questions every day about what I think it will be like, and I’m just guessing. But now we know,” said Birks.

Capacity restrictions will be lifted on Memorial Day, May 31st, and four weddings are on the books at the Country Club of Scranton for June.

“If the capacities increase, if they want to expand this list, of course within the framework of what is reasonable, as long as it is feasible to include them,” explained Birks.

The Country Club of Scranton staff still expect most weddings in 2021 to be outdoors. At Elmhurst Country Club, couples getting married want their guests to feel safe.

“They are still very concerned. We still have some brides asking that we keep serving their buffets, which is easy. We can do all of this for them,” Brady said.

Masks will continue to be required in these locations until 70% of adult Pennsylvanians are vaccinated.


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