HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) – The Paso Real wedding and entertainment venue is filling up with wedding receptions fast as restrictions have been lifted.

The Tiscareno family owns several ballrooms in the Rio Grande Valley under the Valley Ballroom Group. While they were allowed to stay open with limited capacity throughout the pandemic, owner Dani Tiscareno explains that around 90% of their customers have chosen to reschedule.

She says they were flexible in rescheduling based on their customers’ fears of infecting loved ones.

Now, with no government restrictions, the backlog of weddings and new engagements, the industry is starting to pick up speed again.

“People are more comfortable because they have who to invite and their guest list, and trimming it didn’t work for a lot of people,” she said. “Once it’s back to 100%, they’ll say,” Okay, I can get on with my full list. “That gives people confidence.”

Although the business suffered a financial blow, they managed to stay afloat. They assume they will stabilize completely by 2022.

Tiscareno added that it’s not just weddings as girls who missed a quinceanera are now planning their sweet 16.

Even though she said people feel safer having a wedding now than they did last year, people are still taking precautions.

“I see a trend in people being much more responsible,” she said. “I think in the beginning we couldn’t even imagine who my God was going to dance with this thing, who would want to wear the mask. The brides said: Oh no, I don’t want to wear a mask. ‘ Now we see these trends from hidden masks. ”

She added that this is not just the case in the wedding business, but that across all industries, people are more aware of distancing and good hygiene practices.

While the dates are full, Tiscareno said if you can find an available date they can help you plan your wedding in as fast as a week if you don’t want to postpone any longer.


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