Albany, NY (WIVB) – After restrictions on the COVID-19 zone were lifted, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced last week that wedding venues could once again hold 150-person celebrations. He added that guests need to be tested before the event. But there are many questions that Erie County’s wedding venues must answer before they can reopen.

The co-owner of Marygold Manor in Cheektowaga says this update is a good start, but with the March 15th reopening date announced by the governor, he has more questions than answers.

“We are a budget friendly company. Who pays for all of this? Am i paying for it? Do you pay for it? I don’t know yet, ”said Jeremy Urbanski, co-owner of Marygold Manor.

Urbanski says he’s open to the idea of ​​testing guests and is excited about the opportunity to have a full banquet hall again. He just wants to know what the next steps are.

“If it can work for schools and for the Bills game, it should work for us,” said Urbanski.

Newlyweds Bill Nascimento and Meaghan McGinty are also hoping for clarification from the Erie County Health Department. After canceling their big celebration and having a small ceremony instead, they say they still want their intended party if it can be safely done.

“I was hoping we could celebrate the one year anniversary. But the information we are currently receiving from the venue is only suitable for 50 guests at the moment. ”

Governor Cuomo said New York State would work on additional guidelines for the tests required, but local departments would be responsible for regulating them.

News 4 contacted the Erie County Department of Health

“New York State has not yet issued any new guidelines for weddings. Venues hosting or planning weddings should keep checking them … and be ready to follow any other guidelines pertaining to their industry. Until this guide is issued, weddings are still limited to 50 people. “

Erie County Department of Health

Urbanski hopes these efforts will help keep his business going and close couples with a deal.

“They called me. You are ready to go. They want to marry. They don’t want to postpone their lives anymore. Whether there are 50 people or 150 people … they will do whatever they have to do. ”


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