Wedding venues have attacked the government after being confused about the lockdown rules.

An industry group claimed up to 7,000 weddings would have to be postponed or canceled after the restrictions were cleared.

According to the English roadmap, weddings – currently limited to six people – can only be resumed with up to 15 people from April 12th at the earliest.

It also states that wedding receptions of up to 15 people can resume from the same date.

In the roadmap of February 22nd, however, it was also stipulated that these events may only “take place in rooms that are allowed to be opened”.

In practice, this only means places of worship, public buildings or outdoors – as the indoor restaurants must be closed at least until May 17th.

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The group said the venues remained confused as the disclaimer was not based on widely used graphics and roadmap summaries
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Despite the disclaimer on page 34 of the roadmap, the UK Weddings Taskforce states that some of the 71% of venues that were not opened were already booked in late April and early May.

The group said the venues remained confused as the disclaimer was not based on widely used graphics and roadmap summaries.

The group’s estimate of 7,000 canceled weddings is a rough estimate by the group after it was claimed that bookings for April 12 through May 17 were already around a third of their normal price.

The task force, set up with government support and calling itself the “unified voice” for the £ 14.7 billion industry, said the problems could have been avoided if they had been given comprehensive, detailed guidance on the industry .

Spokeswoman Sarah Haywood raged: “A couple could technically get married in a zoo, but not in a Covid-safe, purpose-built wedding venue.”

She said the venues only got the response “by analyzing the fine print” after repeatedly asking for more details.

This disclaimer has been buried in the government’s roadmap

She added: “The £ 14.7 billion worth of wedding sector can expect the government’s own messages to be clear and precise.

“After a year of uncertainty for companies, their employees and over half a million people whose weddings have been put on hold, this is another blow.

“It will cost the industry millions of pounds already on its knees, result in the loss of more jobs and leave an estimated 7,000 couples without weddings.”

March 8: Schools reopen, up to two people can meet in the park for a coffee or picnic, and visits to nursing homes in hand can continue with a named visitor after testing and PPE.

March 29: The rules for socializing outdoors have been relaxed so that up to six people or two households (whichever is greater) can meet outdoors. Golf, tennis, organized outdoor sports and lidos will resume. Home ordering ends but people are still advising to stay on site and overnight stays are not allowed.

STEP 2 – April 12th at the earliest: Unnecessary shops, hairdressers, fitness studios and outdoor areas of pubs and restaurants will reopen. No curfew or “scotch egg” rule, but the punters must stay seated and follow the general size collecting rules. Check this out to cover the possibility of foreign holidays, but they are still banned at this point. Driving lessons continue and wedding guests from 6 to 15 years old. Self-contained house vacations only allowed with your own household or bubble.

STEP 3 – May 17th at the earliest: The limit for outdoor gatherings has been increased from 6 to 30 people. Indoor gatherings of up to 6 people or two households and overnight stays allowed for the first time. Check to see if you can hug friends and family, but general social distancing remains. Trips abroad may be allowed. The interiors of pubs and restaurants as well as hotels and B & Bs are reopening. Stadium events and theaters can be resumed with a reduced capacity. The wedding limit was raised from 15 to 30, and receptions were allowed along with bar mitzvahs and other life events. Saunas and steam baths open again.

STEP 4 – June 21, at the earliest: The government hopes to lift any remaining legal restrictions – and reopen nightclubs and stand-only concerts – but depends on reviewing broader social distancing rules, as well as vaccination and test passports. Masks and instructions for hand washing can remain as well as the two-meter rule in certain situations or a test procedure. For full instructions, click here.

Most indoor wedding venues in England cannot reopen until May 17th at the earliest, along with pubs and hotels in general.

At this time, indoor gatherings are limited to six people or two households, while wedding ceremonies and receptions are allowed up to 30 people.

The roadmap does not explicitly state whether this 30 person allowance applies to both indoor and outdoor areas.

A Downing Street spokesman confirmed, “Events can take place in locations that are allowed to open on each stage.

“Wedding receptions must take place outside from April 12th at the earliest, because it is safer outside than inside.”

When asked whether the receptions must take place outdoors from April 12th, he replied: “Right.”

“The roadmap clearly defines which venues can be opened in each step of the roadmap.”


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