ELKHART, Ind – With hundreds of weddings being canceled in 2020, everyone is in a rush to walk down the aisle in 2021.

The only problem with this is that the wedding venues can’t keep up.

Several churches, both outdoor and indoor locations, are looking deep into their books to find days for wedding bookings.

Several booking managers even mention that people choose unusual days to get married or just rush to the altar.

“We see quite a lot of people doing things at the last minute. Whether something is canceled or they are just considering, let’s just go ahead and get that done. We had a bride who contacted me on a Tuesday. It was a little wedding. Twelve to fifteen people, “said Wellfield Botanic Garden’s project coordinator, Karla Beasley

There were some venues like the Botanical Gardens that had worn off a bit at the start of the pandemic due to being an outdoor venue, and they are doing even better now.

“For us it’s probably an increase of maybe thirty-five percent. We have a lot of inquiries and that was definitely good for us. For us, it’s really about having free appointments.” said the executive director of the Wellfield Botanic Garden, Eric Garton.

Locations have also mentioned that the influx of bookings is not only affecting weddings, but corporate meetings and receptions for weddings in 2020 as well.


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