When I think back on a year I sometimes wonder how we all got through what we did. March and April 2020, I’m sure you remember, most of us didn’t even leave the house because of COVID19, I’ve never watched so much TV in my life. I also remember all of the weddings being canceled and how upset future brides and grooms were. It was also a tough time for bars and restaurants, and sad when some had to close. Well better days are here my friends.

Back to normal in Michigan

According to fox47news.com, Michigan’s plan to open everything up and get back to normal looks so much better since late last week. Governor Gretchen Whitmer says we aim to end many of the COVID-19 restrictions. On June 1st, all outdoor gathering restrictions will be lifted and indoor gatherings will be 50% capacity. Then, on July 1st, the order of face masks and gatherings will be reversed. It seems we get a little more good news every day. So many companies are now looking forward to kicking off the summer with concerts, weddings, and many more activities that are gradually increasing.

We have 250 weddings a year here. And every day brides call and wonder how something has changed, what has changed, “said Paul Wegert, general manager of The Inn at St. John’s.

Weddings seem to be coming back

A friend of mine has been in the wedding business for over 30 years, providing services such as wedding DJs and officiating. Last year he had to cancel everything he had booked and it was devastating for him. Many couples won’t rebook because they went a different route like eloping. Some brides are looking forward to booking a new date in 2021 and 2022. So happy that, like many other companies, he is slowly recovering.

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