VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. – Robert Hamm’s office has taken him across Hampton Roads for eight years and owns a wedding photography business based in Virginia Beach.

“We see ourselves as the scribe of light,” said Hamm. “I think a lot of people try to create memories, but we try to capture your moment with a historian’s eye.”

But in a flash, he said the pandemic had affected his business this year.

“We had 38 weddings planned for 2020 and as COVID[-19] was announced and the bans were introduced, the protective measures, we had canceled all but four, “Hamm told News 3.” We find our customers through online and marketing and word of mouth. When customers dry up, income dries up too. “

“This is how I look after my family,” added Hamm. “If I lose an income because of COVID[-19]It was a scary time. Because it means we had to look at the various stocks we had in our house to let things slip by. “

During the pandemic, he adjusted his business by performing smaller ceremonies outside of the company and also running live streaming.

“The response was really great. Most of the time people are excited to be in front of the camera [and] Not very shy, especially the kids, ”he said. “It’s almost a form of rebellion against this unforeseen event of COVID[-19] that gives them some empowerment. “

In the meantime, he’ll stay focused and keep going.

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“I believe in the power of positive thinking,” said Hamm.

Positive thinking in finding the perfect shot.

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