LilyMae is not your average old girl.

It is a Shasta camper from 1966 that has been completely rebuilt as “LilyMae, the Candid Camper Photo Booth”. This is the coolest addition to events in the Keys.

LilyMae was overhauled for over a year by Marathon Stacy Huerta and her family and rebuilt in a “modern vintage” style.

“We bought the camper from Craigslist in central Florida in 2013,” said Huerta. “We always dreamed of having one.”

The Huertas moved to Hawaii with the Coast Guard and were unable to take the RV with them. She stayed in the camp until they withdrew in 2017.

When they finally got them to the keys, ideas began to seep away.

“After seeing how others in the west made photo booths from their campers and how popular they are, we thought it would be so fun to do something here in Florida.” Said Huerta.

LilyMae was born and a new business sprang up when Huerta realized that there was nothing like LilyMae in Florida, and especially here in the Keys. The existing photo booth companies are “a more traditional camera on a stand with a background,” said Huerta, and she wanted to create something new and different.

The rental comes with high quality props (from old, mint green reversible phones to a ukulele to “Keysey props”) and professional, easy-to-use photographic equipment. Customers love to be able to operate the booth themselves, Huerta said, but event attendees are available to help.

Pictures can be taken in front of the cool trailer, which has a classic sign saying “Oh Snap!” Or inside for a real photo booth feeling. Event rental includes personalized photo strips that guests and hosts can keep.

“It’s about capturing a smile in a fun and unique way,” Huerta told the weekly. “It’s not just your standard stand-up photo booth, it’s a real experience. It has a modern vintage design and in addition to being a fun experience, it also provides an amazing backdrop for photos. People love it !! ”

LilyMae can be used as a closed photo booth with props, as well as a beautiful outdoor backdrop piece. STACY HUERTA / Contributed

The Huertas can bring LilyMae to help with any event including weddings, corporate events, graduations, birthdays, showers, and local festivals.

They also want to involve local photographers. Because of its simple, classic style, LilyMae is the “perfect backdrop” that can be “staged” for many different topics.

“We’d like to network with local photographers to do style shoots,” said Huerta.

Huerta also plans to have styled photo shoots for families, Christmas, Halloween, brides, etc. where LilyMae is featured as a fun background piece.

“The coolest thing about LilyMae is how nostalgic it is,” said Huerta. “So much fun to be in a working retro camper.”

LilyMae will be based outside of Marathon and will travel for free across the Keys and for a fee per mile outside of the Keys. More information is available at Visit @lilymae_the Candidcamper on Instagram to see photos from past events.

Stacy Huerta and her husband Steve pose with LilyMae before she dresses up. According to Huerta, the restoration process was “a big learning curve, but a big blessing!” The camper is named after Huerta’s two late grandmas: Lillian and Dorothy Mae. STACY HUERTA / Contributed


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