Knotting Bells co-founder Shrey Bhagat shares top wedding photography for the year ahead.

1995 was just the start of recreating scenes from the big screen with your other half. In the past few years, especially starting in 2018, #ReCreate has expanded its spectrum to track and include TikTok trends, Instagram challenges, Snapchat filters, and more! Obviously, photography is an ideal representation of what is going on in the world, no doubt the COVID-19 pandemic has brought the wedding industry to a standstill as well. We were already on the right track to reach our original pace. This pandemic has encouraged us to research and work in ways we never thought possible. Because just like we said in 2014, we do what we do to celebrate love, no matter how demanding and stressful the conditions may be, but like a coin has two sides, the pandemic has different forms of photography on it Trend radar brought different opportunities to explore.

Intimate wedding photography is #TheNewNormal

With the current scenario, the days of massive weddings at fancy wedding venues are over, although they were a joy to photograph and watch. Because of the lockdown, the tight security measures for the shot have resulted in a more authentic and intimate photography. Now the couple is shooting it in their happy surroundings in their backyard, home, or on the street. In addition, it captures the celebration of love with closest friends and family. Personally, I think that it gives us as photographers a sense of bliss while capturing raw emotions at the same time. Small and intimate weddings have played an important role in how we see photography today. It’s no longer just about glitz and glamor, as generally said, but rather about capturing the subtle reality and making it more real than reality itself.

Instagram roles that will bring you all the feelings

With the new Instagram Reels feature, the entire wedding photography industry has seen a paradigm shift. Reels has changed the perspective of video across all platforms, and I think good wedding photographers are the ones who use Instagram Reels to severely separate themselves from the rest of the lot because with this new 15-second feature that has so much emotion and Knowing feelings could be experienced. With the fancy effects and transitions, every wedding will have a role stand that draws guests in to do something unique and iconic.

Editorial wedding shoots

The traditional way of taking wedding photos is long gone. Now every recording has to tell its own story. Wedding photography has evolved and is so much more than just capturing the event. Now it’s about capturing every mood during the journey of emotions, putting every element together, capturing every little detail and turning them into uncontrolled photographs that can make all the emotions easier to send the happy couple back in time. Such shots are the perfect example of how to turn magical moments into eternal memories.

Pre-wedding shoot for the perfect two

Due to the current scenario, shoots before the wedding, also known as engagement shoots, have become the order of the day. The luxury of a getaway before the big day to capture the love between partners in an offshoot amid rich architecture and a sea of ​​blues in its purest form has become possible at a moderately lower rate and while adhering to health protocols and travel restrictions amid the pandemic . With destination weddings seeming like a distant dream right now, dreamy pre-shoots with a limited number of professionals are on the rise.

Cinematic style from the screen

This type of photography will help you tell the story, but in style. This trend is an ode to all movie fans to make their big screen dream come true. Not only does it break the boredom, but it also adds the drama of color and fun that is often needed to capture the important day. This was seen as a big trend in the pre-Covid era and will soon gain momentum because who doesn’t want their wedding album to look like a scene straight out of a movie.


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