The West Tripura district judge blew up two wedding venues Tuesday that were crowded with people and events went beyond the allotted time as coronavirus cases rose across the state. IAS Commissioner Sailesh Kumar Yadav also proposed against area police officers for being inactive over the apparent violation of COVID-19 norms. At least 31 people were arrested at one of the venues.

A video from Yadav has gone viral on social media where it can be seen among the wedding attendees and affected officials. “Manikya Court and Golap Bagan are banned and will not be able to operate next year. All persons who have gathered here have violated the order under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Court and will be prosecuted under Section 188 of the Indian Criminal Code. They will all be arrested immediately. “

“I will also recommend that the government suspend the OK of the West Tripura Police Station because it does not respond to repeated complaints from the population. And as a district judge, I had to come here. It is very embarrassing for the police for their behavior, “an angry Yadav was heard to say.

He spoke to the police officers and said, “You will go too. You are all hand in hand with these people. You forgot your police training. “

The district judge’s entry and what followed in the ceremonial hall was nothing less than a movie scene in which the officer tore off the permit papers shown to him. He could also be seen beating the priest and pushing people around which also infuriated people on social media.

“Everyone is a scholar here – doctors, engineers. You don’t want to stick to the established norms. They want to pretend they’re immune to the rules and untouched by COVID-19. Unfortunately, COVID will win. We publicly announced the curfew every ten minutes, and the wedding hall is aware of this. That is absolutely unacceptable. That’s too selfish of these people. Action is being taken. From tomorrow I will ask the police to search all wedding halls after 10pm, ”said Yadav.

The lagna (favorable time) for the wedding of Abhi and Kabita was on April 26th at 11.30pm. Accordingly, the groom’s family from Bangalore and the bride’s family were gathered at the court wedding venue in Manikya, the royal family.

“We had the necessary permission for the marriage in which the DM had signed. Also, there were limited invitees for marriage and everyone was wearing their masks. The DM may have arrived at 11:15 p.m. and then you saw what happened in the video. About 32 of us were taken to the police station, where we were held until 3:00 a.m. We had to arrange for the transport to return early in the morning, “said Subrojyoti Deb, the bride’s older brother.

When asked if the family wanted to take action against the DM’s action, Deb said, “My father is a retired government doctor and a heart patient, my mother lives on insulin. We are all extremely traumatized and confused. We somehow managed to complete the wedding ceremony, but it was all against the formal rituals. “Both the bride and groom are engineers who work in Bangalore and have been to Tripura for the wedding.” The lagna of marriages is 11 p.m. today. What are you doing? ”Deb asked.

In response to the incident, Pratima Bhoumik, a member of the Tripura West MP, said, “We should obey all the rules set by the government, and the administration will do their part. However, yesterday’s incident is unprecedented. “

The government of Tripura imposed a night curfew between 22:00 and 05:00 on April 22nd to 30th. She had implemented several measures in the new wave of COVID-19. Tripura’s chief secretary Manoj Kumar had issued a memorandum to put the measures into effect. They included a fine of Rs 1,000 for violating social distancing standards in transportation, businesses and public places. Tripura has reported 34,738 cases so far, of which 33,514 have recovered and 394 deaths have been recorded.

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