Marriage Deadlock: The MP government has banned all marital functions in the state

BHOPAL: Mohanlal Kushwaha had a bitter experience last year when his daughter’s marriage couldn’t be celebratory due to the lockdown triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. The marriage later had to be called off because the groom’s family refused to wait.
A year later, Kushwaha took no chances as soon as he accepted a new proposal and celebrated the wedding in neighboring Uttar Pradesh, where wedding ceremonies are allowed with protocol. unlike MP.
While Kushwaha was arranging his daughter’s wedding in Chhatarpur, the MP government announced Corona Curfew in the state, which bans all marriages, religious and other processions. Without waiting any further, Kushwaha moved to the neighboring UP and had the wedding hosted. On May 15, the wedding was celebrated in a wedding garden in the UP Mahoba District. “We followed the corona guidelines set by the UP government and organized the wedding ceremony,” Kushwaha, a resident of Balrampur in the Chhatarpur district, told TOI.
Another Chhatarpur resident Ramkripal Anuragi said he also received his daughter’s wedding in Mahoba as there were no restrictions on weddings in UP.
The people in the Bundelkhand region have relatives in UP.
Ashok Ghoora, a former corporator of Harpalpur City, Chhatarpur District, said he had made all the preparations and the wedding hall was also booked when the MP government put the state in lockdown. He said he later moved to Mauranipur in UP to organize the wedding. The loss of MP has turned out to be a gain for UP as the owners of the marriage gardens there do good business. Sudhir Kumar of Ambey Marriage Garden said, “Most of the bookings these days are from MP. We follow all standards and safety measures. ”



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