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Have you ever wondered what the best wedding compliment is? “We didn’t remember that you were there!” Compliments to a wedding photographer! The best shots are indeed captured when the wedding photographer blends seamlessly with the crowd, capturing the best moments of the day, the funny reactions, the big smiles and the happy tears in a subtle and skillful way.

Do you want to improve your wedding photography? Master your art with the help of these timeless tips.

Go scouting

Every bridal couple has a few selected places where they would like to be photographed on their big day. It would be inexcusable for a professional wedding photographer not to scout with the main couple to discuss some important shots for the day. The safest way to do this is to always have backups on hand – Plan C definitely works for Plan A in bad weather (you get the drift).

Alex Oat, a professional wedding photographer from San Diego, swears by scouting and says, “Scout it out! Know the venue, the light, the cool places for photos. “This relieves the day of the event considerably.

Know your equipment inside out

It doesn’t take any special intelligence to understand that the wedding day is NOT the day when you can experiment with new devices or their adjustments. Never practice on your client. All of this needs to be done in advance, whether you want to try new flashes, new lenses, or other camera basics. Of course, you can experiment with new poses, lighting, or colors, but when it comes to hardware, you know it better than you do. After all, no advanced camera or lens can make up for the lack of expertise or experience!

Main lighting

Experimenting with lighting doesn’t negate his knowledge. That said, sure, the lighting aspect of photography offers endless possibilities and every professional wedding photographer has their own unique approach to this principle. However, light is the basis of all photos and life in this matter, so it must be taken seriously.

Vilson Lleshaj, a New York-based professional wedding photographer, suggests, “Use multiple light sources. Know and handle available light well, but know how to balance ambient light with artificial light. On the flip side, Ohio-based Nicki Hufford urges amateurs to “learn the flash off-camera (like yesterday).”

Practice the break

It goes without saying that the wedding day is full of fun, drama and chaos. However, this does not mean that you can slow down or fast-forward your recordings. You are expected to take multiple photos of the bride and groom and their loved ones in different poses and locations. Sure the couple will trust your discretion and allow you to take the lead, but they will certainly have some custom shots in mind. With all the hustle and bustle, remember to practice the mantra “pause” to stay calm and clear. Do not rush to accomplish everything you had planned for the big day. take it slow and easy!

Focus on catching the first “first” ones

Of all the important recordings, some will be very special as milestones. This may include the couple’s first dance together, the couple’s first look, and so on. It is your responsibility as the cameraman of the day to capture all of these moments as successfully as possible. And since the opportunity never knocks twice, the best strategy for getting such shots is to set your camera to a high shutter speed. This allows you to take several quick shots without missing a moment. Also, don’t forget to capture moments from multiple angles.

A wedding photographer is entrusted with the most important day in a person’s life, and the importance of courses in wedding photography in the creation of a master photographer cannot be emphasized enough.


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