In this episode of The Lead by DH Radio, director of Shutterbug Film Company Abhiram Rajan, about the changes in the wedding photography landscape due to the pandemic.


Sandeep Menon: Today we have the director of the Shutterbug Film Company with us. Abhiram Rajan to speak to us about what is happening in the world of marriage in India at this time. And many other things. Abhiram how are you

Abhiram: Rajan: Everything is fine. Things are going well. What about you?

Sandeep: Life goes on. Let’s not talk about me. So the last time I met you I think a few years ago.

Abhiram: Three years ago.

Sandeep: Three years ago you took pictures in bars and pubs and things like that for pubs and other things. And you are also a BCA by education. Yes, tell me how did you get into this world where you took wedding photos and the like

Abhiram: My career started from there. When I met you in the pub, I was a photographer in the pub, okay, that’s how the career began. So pubs and birthdays and everything. This was the beginning of the photographic career. To talk about how I got into photography, I also worked for a company like a regular job from nine to five. The passion for photography that was there filled me … It was there a long time ago. I wanted to do something about it, but I didn’t have the money to buy a camera or I wasn’t sure how good or how rewarding it would be. After I graduate, I’m a BCA graduate, got a job, a job from nine to five, a regular job from nine to five. So I got a camera. In the first year of my job, I was able to raise some money and buy a camera. And started doing random things, all the random things. And I also shot for my office events. As with many games and events, these gatherings were in the office on Friday to take pictures and I always circulated these pictures so I could get really good reviews for all of them. Photography wasn’t that great back then. Mine wasn’t great to be honest. Still, I got a really good rating. And one of my colleagues had the offer to photograph a birthday. So it all started. From then on, the birthday became a hit and it went on … I shot at least 1.5 to two years in this area of ​​birthdays. And still I did more product photography and all the little things, all these pubs and bars. So it went on. But they didn’t really pay me much attention. Okay, and only one thing was on my mind and that was shooting weddings. Okay, and unfortunately I got my first wedding after three years. For three years I managed to do all of these things that I was personally unsatisfied with. But when the wedding started it went really well. As if it exceeded my expectations, things have really started shipping production and here we are after 2.5 years of weddings and one hundred and twenty weddings.

Sandeep: Yeah. I see your Twitter handle Shutterbug Film Company, sorry, the Instagram handle. I see these pictures. So tell me about
How has a wedding photography landscape changed in this coronavirus time because I noticed that you were still shooting during the lockdown? How did it affect you and what is the situation like?

Abhiram: Okay. Coronavirus lockdown Yes, we need to talk about that. So there are both positive and negative associated with this situation. I locked myself in negative; I will say challenges. So when we get positive we can actually sit back. It is actually time to go back and look inside, like everything that has gone wrong so far, and come up with new things, really new things …

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