The presenters Maia Dunphy and Lorraine Keane put on their wedding dresses for Oxfam.

The couple partnered with the charity showing off the dresses from their big days to encourage brides to consider a second-hand dress.


Lorraines stunning dress is made of antique ivory, the top of the dress is made of Spanish lace with French sleeve lengthPhoto credit: Brian McEvoy


Maia and Lorraine encourage brides-to-be to consider second-hand dressesPhoto credit: Brian McEvoy

Those hoping to have their special day now after the Covid restrictions are eased can book an appointment at Oxfam’s Bridal Rooms in Dublin and Bangor.

Lorraine Keane, Founder of Fashion Relief at Oxfam Ireland, said: “Your wedding anniversary is a time to celebrate love, happiness and a future together.

“For many couples, it is becoming increasingly popular to incorporate sustainable elements or charitable donations into their special day.

“It’s a great way to positively influence the futures of others as you celebrate your love and commitment to that special someone in your life.

“You don’t have to spend a fortune to make a million dollars, either.


“By booking an appointment with Oxfam Bridal today, you will be able to browse and try on a selection of beautiful brand new and popular wedding dresses – including my own that I just donated to Oxfam.

“From vintage to the occasional designer gown, Oxfam’s dedicated bridal rooms in Dublin and Bangor stock all styles and sizes – a selection of which is currently on display at the Frascati Center in Blackrock – as well as a range of bridal accessories and bridesmaid dresses.

“And the added bonus is that by helping Oxfam, your big day will create a brighter future for people living with the injustice of poverty.”

The advantages are that the dresses are popular, often vintage, and cost significantly less than store-bought ones.


Many of the dresses are donated by bridal shops or designers to save them from landfills and have never had their special day.

Lorraine Keane gives her beautiful lace dress by the Spanish designer Jesus Peiro, which she bought in San Sebastián.

As well as Maia Dunphy’s stunning Jenny Packham dress.

Maia wore it when she married British comedian Johnny Vegas in 2011, but the couple continued to live separately in London and Dublin.

They have a son, Tom, who was born in 2015, but Maia announced their separation last year.

Author Maia said, “After wearing my dress during the lockdown to raise a smile and raise funds for a charity that is close to my heart, I realized that there was no point in buying my beautiful Jenny Packham wedding dress for always locked in a pocket.

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“I will never wear it again and I was afraid that one day I would take it down to find a moth hole in it!

“After seeing a call for donations from Lorraine, I decided to donate it in the hope that someone else would enjoy wearing something as special as I did.

“I would encourage other people out there to look at the same thing.

“You can give your wedding dress a second life – and contribute to another bride’s special day – while helping vulnerable communities around the world by donating your wedding dress to Oxfam’s Bridal Rooms.”


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