Central Coast students say “cheese” for a school portrait while attending class from home.

Lauren Hargreaves, a Pismo Beach photographer, is helping families mark the start of the 2020-21 school year with her own pop-up photo booth.

Hargreaves is a mother of two young children and a professional photographer.

She has been interested in portrait photography ever since she was used to being out and about with her children.

Hargreaves opened a store in front of the Hello Village Children’s Show and Gifts in Arroyo Grande to snap photos of children between nine months and 18 years old.

“Usually they come up and are pretty shy, but in the end they want to tell me all about their toys, their teachers, and their friends. Also, the fun part about making kids is that you can build a little relationship with them them in just a few minutes, “said Hargreaves.

Community members who want to book a photo shoot with her can do so online.


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