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25-year-old Esme Whiteside from St. Annes did not specialize in photography until after graduating from university with a degree in fine arts – limited by the top 50 of Professional Photo Magazine, the only general publication for professional photography published in UK is for sale.

“I really enjoy my job and have had some great feedback, but to be recognized in this way by such a prestigious publication is really special,” said Esme, who is particularly fond of the Lake District.

The magazine says, “Esme brings a darker romance to her wedding work by tightening deeply and vigorously. She has an art background and you can see elements of the great masters when it comes to how Esme creates light and shadow. Your typical customer is very fashion conscious with an eye for detail. ”

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<img alt="" aria-hidden="true" class="i-amphtml-intrinsic-sizer" role="presentation" src="data:image/svg+xml;charset=utf-8,”/> An example of Esme’s work

Esme is a former student of Lytham St. Annes High School. He studied Art, English Literature and Philosophy there at A-Level before embarking on the academic path of Philosophy and Literature at the University of Leeds.

“After almost a year, I missed the creative work and dropped out and started over at the University of Central Lancashire,” she said.

“I studied fine arts for three years, loved it, specialized in film and photography my senior year, and graduated with a top-notch degree.

“I knew I wanted to work in photography and decided I wanted to do weddings. I worked in independent jobs until I could really get my business off the ground.

“I shot my first wedding in September 2018, shot 30 in 2019, and worked it full time in May of this year.

“I was supposed to be turning 40 this year, and with a long delay, the award was a really nice surprise. I’m excited.”


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