Rom-com-worthy Prosecco-powered bridal furniture may seem like relics from another life, but fashion-conscious brides have always avoided paying extortionate boutique fees and a fussy environment for a more directional experience in the digital realm. If online platforms offer exclusive collections and one-off wedding dresses from non-traditional bridal designers, why should you walk the ubiquitous aisle? After the lockdown, the virtual bridal market is still booming as newly engaged employees wake up to the hassle-free process of buying a dress to remember online and wear it again.

“The bride buyer from loves fashion and doesn’t want to compromise her personal style when she decides on a dress for her big day,” says Lea Cranfield, head of purchasing and merchandising at the retailer. “She doesn’t care about the traditional bridal shopping experience and wants her wedding dress to reflect her own everyday style.” This empathetic bride is looking for original looks across the board. On, Senior Editor for Women’s Fashion, Celenie Seidel, reports: “Many of our customers are less conventional, open to bold reinterpretations of what ‘bride’ looks like, and are not afraid to deviate from tradition. Whether it’s unconventional hems, silhouettes, colors or inventions, alternatives without a dress or bridal capsules from their favorite designers, bridal shopper has almost unlimited choices. “

To capitalize on this consumer spending power, most luxury online retailers have honed certain bridal departments for some time. At, global fashion executive Natalie Kingham has sharpened her unique difference in the marketplace. “Our cut appeals to brides with a very individual and creative approach to the big day,” she explains. buyers work closely with brands to create limited edition pieces that meet the “versatile” and “contemporary” criteria for their brides. “From Emilio Pucci X Tomo Koizumi’s statement tulle creations and elegant dresses from The Vampire’s Wife to romantic accessories from Olympia Le Tan, ours [buy] This also includes a specially compiled selection of fine jewelry, bags, shoes and accessories that complement the outfits for the big day, the evening reception or the rehearsal dinner, ”adds Kingham.


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