From Staff Reporter June 18, 2019

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The newest photo booth from Propel Photo Booths is the Kardashian Photo Booth.

It was first made famous by the only Kardashian clan when seemingly flawless photos of guests at Kim and Kanye West’s wedding appeared online.

The newest photo booth feature from Propel Photo Booths is the Kardashian Photo Booth (pictured).

“The famous friends of reality TV’s biggest stars flocked to have their picture taken at the booth and then post the chic black and white photos on social media. This caused millions of fans to like and share the photos, and sparked a lot of discussion about how to achieve the same look in your own pictures. “

It’s hard to believe that these pictures weren’t professionally taken or edited like you would see in a glossy magazine, and that they were actually from a photo booth! Until recently it was practically impossible to achieve this effect with a photo booth, until MirMir from the USA did just that. Previously, your options for achieving the Kardashian look, especially at large-scale parties or events, were severely limited. Fast forward to this year and Propel Photo Booth has developed its own Kardashian Photo Booth.

The images are printed in black on white so they all look beautiful in this picture.

Propel’s photo booths are able to perfectly reproduce the effect of images from events like the Kardashian / West wedding and instantly give your face that contoured and internally glowing look so desirable by the Kardashians. The Kardashian-style filter option on our photo booths beautifully evens and enhances all skin tones. This makes them an excellent choice for both individual and group photos. The filter creates a softening and blurring effect to remove any signs of defects and creates a smooth airbrushed effect.

The images are printed in black on white which is traditionally more flattering, although these are really stunning and wouldn’t look out of place on a magazine cover or billboard. In short, it makes everyone look gorgeous and is sure to highlight your best features. Do you have to see it to believe it?

If you want to spice up your next party with a bit of glamor, check out Propel Photo Booth Rentals here.


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