WICHITA, Kan. – There is a round vintage motorhome with Conan and Katherine Fugit, its faded white paint is peeling off and its trailer hitch is starting to rust.

The Fugits plan to have it fixed by spring, but the goal isn’t to get it ready for camping. Instead, it’s turned into a photo booth.

In 2012 the Fugits founded the Lamphouse Photo Booth Co., which offers a range of unusual photo booths for parties and events. They rent out two birdie boxes (small, portable, open-air cabins), the Wagoneer (a retro Jeep Grand Wagoneer with a bespoke tailgate insert that houses a photo booth), and the Lampy Camper (the couple’s first vintage photo booth ). .

They bought the second camper to have a more compact alternative to the Lampy camper, which is roughly 16 feet long and 8 feet wide. The new camper is about 4 feet shorter and a foot narrower, said Conan Fugit. That way, Katherine said, they can get it into more indoor spaces.

After completion, the new camper will be designed similar to the original. Up to 10 people get into the mobile home, grab their props, find a seat on the bench right in the doorway and pose for the camera, which is located on the left end of the mobile home. The camera is in a wooden box and gives it the usual appearance of a photo booth.

The interior of the Lampy has painted walls and moldings, wooden floors, fun party decorations, and lights.

The booth is digitized and takes four pictures, each with a seven-second break. As many copies of the photo strips as desired are printed out, and guests can enter their email addresses and have a digital copy sent to them.

According to Conan, Lamphouse designs an individual photo layout for every event. Renters can also choose from a selection of nearly 50 backdrops and customize the sign outside the RV. You will also spin through dozens of props ranging from inflatable donuts to handcrafted wooden monster eyes.

“We ran events that were attended by about 20 people,” Conan said. “And we carried out events that were attended by around 10,000 people.”

The company has performed at birthday parties, weddings, and major events.

Katherine, 34, said she was considering starting a food truck in 2012 but realized they had a better option.

“I got a food handler card and really got inside. I had all of these ideas. And then I said, “I’ve never worked in the food service. I’m not a cook – why should I do this? ‘”, She said. “What I really wanted was a mobile business because it was fun and neat.”

Conan, 36, was passionate about photography and worked with cameras for most of his life, Katherine said. So her mobile photo booth business was born.

Katherine started working for Lamphouse full time last year. Six months ago, so did Conan. They also have three staff members who help set up and maintain the photo booths at events.

The couple want the new camper to be refurbished by the end of this year, Katherine said, because they have started booking it for spring.

She thinks they could paint the outside light pink and the inside a variety of fun colors.

Still to be decided: a name.

“I don’t know,” said Katherine, “the little lamp? The baby Lampy? “

“The Blampy?” Conan said with a laugh.


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