We all know that photo booths are just as important to a good party as cupcakes and punch. Just in time for all of these Halloween parties, we’ve updated our favorite photo booth apps for parties. They’re all intuitive, inexpensive, and mostly kid-friendly. In addition, these apps allow a printing station to be set up next to the booth for instant and personalized party items.

Already sold? We also. So break your best mean mug or your goofy grin – or duck your lips if that’s your thing – and go for it.

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Mini Photobooth can be downloaded for free. So, you can try this photo booth app before you decide whether or not you want to spend $ 9.99 on removing watermarks from your photos.

It offers a variety of different designs to choose from, as well as the ability to create your own. My favorite feature is that this app includes an event mode that prevents guests from leaving the app without a password. This way, kids trying to play Minecraft will be outwitted before they even start.

(Free to download, $ 9.99 to remove watermark on iTunes)

Not to be confused with the Mini Photobooth app for Apple products (above). This Photo Booth app is designed for Android users. You have to buy the full version to get the entire experience, although there is a free version that you can use to try out the basics.

This app contains some smart design elements such as: For example, the app saves guests’ pictures and email addresses if you ever go offline so they can get their photos as soon as they’re reconnected. As with many Android apps, you also have a lot more freedom to reconfigure and customize Photobooth mini than in other apps.

(Free for the basic version, $ 5.49 for the full version on GooglePlay)

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For years we’ve loved the old feel of this app, which is like a digital version of the popular photo strips from the 1950s – or the mall from the 1980s. (Not that either of us are old enough to know about it.)

The Pocketbooth app is also easy to use. Just take four photos in a row from your smart device, save them and send them via email or directly on social media. There are approximately two seconds between the clicks of the camera. just enough time for kids to roll out all of their goofy, dizzying faces and creepy poses.

(Available on iTunes for $ 0.99 and Google Play for $ 0.99.)

This photo booth app is designed for iPad only and is more about printing your pictures than sharing them on social media. If you want to go all out of the way to have a professional photo booth feel at your party at no cost – and have an iPad that you can use – this is a great option. While you can add borders to photos in this app, all you know is that you don’t have many photo editing options. Here the photos themselves are the star.

($ 9.99 on iTunes)

We’re big fans of this photo booth app because it’s free [update: not free anymore!] and has the cleanest interface of any app I’ve tried. You can choose how many photos you want in each strip, and choose between GIFs and standard photos. It’s simple and great for a casual party. However, you can also upgrade to a paid app if you prefer more bells and whistles.

While this photo booth app lets you print your photos, it is used for sharing photo booth pictures on social media. Plus, you can see what other Simple Booth users are posting in your town (should you care) and even share your own if you want to spread the FOMO about your own party.

(UPDATE: This is now a $ 99 download on iTunes that used to be free. Pretty disappointing.)

Top picture via Quino Al via Unsplash


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