Planning a wedding can often be a stressful experience. A married couple has an easy solution to alleviate the stress of finding a photographer with their business, Bay Area Photo Carts.

Brentwood entrepreneurs Eric and Janel Behne converted a 1971 Volkswagen Microbus into a portable photo studio that can be set up outside of any wedding event, such as the ceremony itself or a wedding reception. Wedding guests can have their photos taken by a professional photographer in the van. The photos are four photo strips. Each guest who has their picture taken receives a copy and at the end of the event the wedding couple receives each copy in the form of a photo book that is stored on a flash drive.

“Ninety-five percent of our business comes from weddings,” said Eric Behne. “Business has really picked up speed since the beginning of COVID and this year we’re fully booked well into 2022.”

Behne came up with the idea of ​​founding this company after he and his wife had restored a 1961 Volkswagen Beetle.

“We thought a microbus was a perfect mobile photo studio,” he said.

The couple searched the internet for a classic microbus. They found the 1971 van in New Hampshire.

“The microbus was cheaper there than in California because it’s not that popular,” he said.

Eric Behne said he shipped the original Microbus to California and started restoring the interior. He said the couple built a bespoke interior with hardwood floors and a bench for people to sit on while they are photographed. He said he also installed a large video screen on the bus so people can see their pictures.

The Behnes started the business with very little advertising and the business quickly grew through word of mouth. The Behnes have photographed weddings across the Greater Bay Area, including the North, South, and East Bay Areas. You have also sponsored events in Napa wine country. He said in its first year, 2015, Bay Area Photo Carts reserved about eight weddings and expects to book at least 30 events in the coming year.

Bay Area photo cart rentals vary from $ 1,200 to $ 1,800, depending on the size of the event and the distance they need to travel.

“According to the company’s website, Bay Area Photo Car was born in equal parts out of passion and desire. “When we were making plans for our own wedding anniversary, we knew we wanted a great photo booth to capture memories with friends and family. After all, it is a great opportunity to offer our guests a souvenir photo and unforgettable pictures for us too. We quickly discovered that the typical stands left a lot to be desired. “

Those interested in renting Bay Area photo trolleys for their wedding events can contact Janel Behne at 925-354-6382 or through the company’s website at contact


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