• While shopping for a wedding dress is exciting, it can also be stressful, especially if you are unfamiliar with the process.
  • Insider spoke to wedding dress designer Pnina Tornai about the biggest mistakes brides have seen shopping or designing their dream dresses.
  • Tornai told Insiders that getting too many people shopping and not being open-minded can get brides in trouble.
  • She also thinks that after finding one you love is a mistake to keep looking at dresses.
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For many brides, one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding is finding your dress.

However, the process can also be stressful, especially since it is an expensive purchase that takes a long time to complete. Brides often make mistakes when shopping, which can lead to regrets or the loss of thousands of dollars.

Insider spoke to one of the world’s leading wedding dress designers, Pnina Tornai, about mistakes brides make when looking for a wedding dress.

Tornai’s dresses are sold exclusively at Kleinfeld Bridal in the USA. Her latest clothing collection with the name “ONE” will be available in Kleinfeld in January 2021. Tornai recently launched a ring collection of the same name that is sold exclusively at Jared.

Other people’s opinions on clothes shouldn’t drown out your own

Many people’s instinct is to bring a large group of friends or family members with them when purchasing their wedding dress.

But, according to Tornai, that’s often not as productive as you think.

pnina i went back

Pnina Tornai is a renowned designer of wedding dresses.

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“I would say one of the biggest mistakes I see is bringing in too large an entourage,” Tornai told Insider. “More people usually mean more opinions, which can confuse the bride.”

If your entourage hates a dress that you love, you may not feel like you can get it, which can leave you feeling disappointed with your shopping and your wedding day.

Instead of a large group, it’s best to bring a few people who you really trust – and who will respect your wishes – when you buy your dress.

Brides who are not open could miss out on the perfect dress

Tornai recommends brides do some research on the types of dresses they like before shopping, as this makes the process of narrowing down your options less stressful once you are actually in a store.

But even if you have a solid idea of ​​the style you think you will like, it is still worth trying on a few dresses outside of your comfort zone – especially if a salon consultant or designer recommends it.

“Make sure you do your research before you go shopping, but also be open,” Tornai told Insider. “So often the dress is the opposite of what the bride originally intended to wear, and that’s more than okay.”

pnina i went back

Pnina Tornai’s new “ONE” collection. Ortal Elimeleh did the models’ make-up while Benjamin Ruimi did her hair.

Dvir Kahlon

Dresses often look different on you than on models, so you might be surprised how much you like a style that you previously thought you would hate.

“It’s really about what makes you feel most beautiful, not what you should wear or what other people imagine,” added Tornai.

It pays to try on a few different styles of clothing the first time you shop so that you know for sure whether or not a cut or fit is right for you.

Experimentation could lead you to a dress that is more beautiful than you expected. If you don’t take the risk, you could be missing out on your dream dress.

If you want to buy a completely custom dress, you need to be able to release control

When you order a wedding dress in a boutique, the dress will be made to your specifications.

But some brides want to take this customization to the next level by having a designer create a one-of-a-kind wedding dress for them. The thrill of creating a one-of-a-kind dress is fun for brides, but Tornai said designing a custom dress can be tricky if the bride isn’t ready to let the experts do their job.

“One of the biggest mistakes [I see] Then the bride doesn’t trust me completely, “Tornai told Insider.

A custom dress takes months to make, and although a bride may see sketches before the dress is built, spending thousands of dollars on a dress can be fearful if you don’t know what the finished dress will look like.

Some brides take this fear away from the designer, which does nothing to help make the dress any faster.

pnina returned brides

“ONE” will be available in Kleinfeld in 2021.

Dvir Kahlon

It is the responsibility of the bride to release control and allow the designer to allow the creative process to take place. Therefore, it is important to work with a designer you feel connected to and trust if you are looking to purchase a completely custom dress.

But if that process sounds too nerve-wracking, you don’t have to design an entirely new dress to get a unique look for the wedding day, as Tornai told Insider.

“While there is an allure to having a custom, one-of-a-kind piece that no other bride will have, I don’t think a dress that is entirely made to measure will suit every type of bride,” she said. “For those who have difficulty visualizing but want something customized, I would recommend finding one of my existing styles and possibly changing an element or two of the dress.”

For example, you can take the skirt of one dress and combine it with the top of another for a new look.

You will regret it if you don’t soak up the fun of the experience


Shopping for a wedding dress should be fun.

Dvir Kahlon

The goal of wedding dress shopping is to find a beautiful dress.

The process can be stressful due to the plethora of options and the expensive nature of wedding dresses, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy it.

“This should be the best shopping trip of your life,” Tornai said of wedding dress shopping. “Just relax and flow with it.”

“You only have one moment when you say ‘yes’ – maybe two if you get multiple glances – so make sure you step in every second,” she added.

However, Tornai also said that you should avoid letting the shopping process take longer than necessary.

“When you find it, stop looking,” she advised the brides. Still looking at dresses after you’ve found one you love will only confuse yourself.

You can find more photos of Pnina Tornai’s 2021 “ONE” dress and ring collections on Instagram. And before you start shopping for your dress, check out the insider’s guide to wedding dress shopping here.


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