There is a lot to consider from a style standpoint when planning a wedding. There are the dresses or tuxedos. There is the choice of the wedding location and the decoration.

Then there is a style associated with wedding photography, and according to photographer Angela Vaught, communication between the couple and the photographer is key to determining what their photos should look like.

“It is absolutely very important that you can communicate with the bride and groom and find out what to expect from their wedding photographer,” said Vaught. “I think even more than that, especially with the growing number of photographers today, that brides and grooms should be looking for someone to bond with, both in terms of personality and style, because one is in the Would like to be able to communicate with them in order to get the best possible portraits. “

Vaught, owner of Photography by Angela Vaught, has been a photographer for 32 years and knows the pros and cons to get the best shots at the perfect wedding.

She said she knows there is more to be done to capture the day than just pick up a camera and click: lighting, mood, lenses, setting – all of these combined to make a photo special do.

“A lot of photographers these days have a very photojournalistic style,” said Vaught. “And some can capture any kind of style. … Is it a vintage wedding? Is it more traditional? Is it contemporary? Is it Catholic? Any of this information that you can give your photographer will help improve the communication about yours.” Build expectations. “

All of the elements that go into a wedding can help determine the style of photography used, she said.

“Outdoor? Indoor? Do you want dark and moody? Do you want classic? Do you want more fun, art look? There are many different styles. Do you want candids? These are all things from classic to traditional, you have to communicate well”, she said.

For couples struggling to find the right style or struggling to find the right words to explain what they’re looking for, Vaught suggested going where almost everyone seeks creative inspiration: Pintrest.

By looking at what others have done – and how they chose to document their big day – all brides and grooms can show their photographer what they are looking for in a wedding album.

It’s also helpful to choose a venue before looking for the photographer, she said.

“Finding their venue often helps them decide who their photographer will be because … there are so many different places to have a beautiful wedding that might not even cost what it is expect.” She said.

She encouraged couples to “think outside the box” to find a place that would suit them. Then it might be beneficial for the couple to look for a photographer who knows this place well, who knows all the nooks and crannies, all the little secluded nooks and crannies that would make for the best shots.

Vaught also encouraged couples to make a list of special or particular pictures they would like to see from the event. With this checklist, photographers will know what to look for when planning pictures, especially if they are viewed as a little more unusual than typical wedding / family moments.

At the same time, Vaught says couples should know that professional photographers have their own checklist and know what standard photos to get.

“I’ll make sure you get what you need to be happy because I know you want a picture of your bouquet or you will want a picture of you with your mother,” she said. “I’ll take this regardless of the time … well, anything else that matters to you is helpful if you have a list.”

To help with the times, Vaught said that some couples took some pictures on a day other than the wedding.

“This is something we really want to encourage just because there is less stress,” she said.

“If you can do that on another day – sometimes the day before the wedding – it’s important that you realize that you need to set a time for that little moment.

“You see a lot of ‘first glances’ these days,” she said, which means taking a staged photo of the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time.

She said it has become an equally tradition to make the groom wait for the bride to come down the aisle to see her.

“Now they have a staged ‘first look’ moment where they have some kind of private time without the entire guest list there to watch. It’s a private moment and I think this one is super cute.”

When it comes to the wedding day, Vaught said she expected the unexpected, and so did the wedding reception.

She said she plans to snap these photos that capture those little unexpected moments, like when people drop drinks or, as in one case, the bride knocks over the candle that she was supposed to light.

“If I say expect the unexpected, it happens and we are there for you. If you cry, I’ll take your picture. Don’t tell me not to. I’ll take your picture. I think it is Nice, especially when men cry or when your parents cry. I’ll take their pictures. You don’t have to love it, but you have to remember it. “


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