The inspiration for the bride has been part of the repertoire ever since the British Vogue helped women design their wardrobes. In the magazine’s 105-year history, wedding dresses of all silhouettes, hemlines, proportions and train lengths have been photographed in fashion and social stories that reflect and also inform them about changing trends. Today there are no rules – in a nutshell, long and dramatic – wedding dresses in 2021 follow the taste of the individual and reflect the diverse fashion landscape that can be seen on the pages of the magazine.

Countless future brides have fallen in love with “the one” while leafing through Vogue, regardless of whether the dress was part of an intentional wedding-themed shoot or a seemingly nondescript white dress ready to indulge in the stuff of dreams transform imagination.

Here are 25 photographs from 70 years that illustrate the most beautiful wedding dresses from British Vogue.


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