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There’s a reason almost any wedding dress can be called a romantic wedding dress. Think back to your childhood and plan your wedding detail by detail. The dress that comes to mind is most likely full, has long sleeves and a long train. If this style crossed your mind, this is a romantic dress. Romantic wedding dresses look magical when a bride wears them. These dresses usually have full skirts, lace details, and long trains or veils.

Meet the expert

  • Stephanie White, founder and creative director of Odylyne the Ceremony.
  • Yemi Osunkoya, founder and designer of Kosibah.
  • Valentine Avoh, designer of Valentine Avoh.

The dresses also have special properties that classify them. “A romantic dress will always have some details that evoke lightness or fluidity. It has delicate and sophisticated details like a lace edge, a few delicate buttons with fabric covering on the back or a tulle embroidered with flowers, ”Valentine Avoh, the designer of Valentine Avoh told Brides. “It can also have some transparency effects, for example in the sleeves, as long as it remains classy. I would think of it with soft fabric like silk crepe, satin or tulle, ”she adds.

And now romantic dresses have developed and received modern accents. “Romantic silhouettes have become more unique and playful. Back then it was often considered bohemian. However, the trend has now gained respect in the industry as designers find different expressions, ”Stephanie White, founder and creative director of Odylyne The Ceremony told Brides. “I’ve always viewed my designs as the embodiment of romance, but I’ve been typed either as not modern or fashionable enough, and that changes the progress of the years!” She adds.

Osunkoya says that romantic dresses that have a soft fullness in the skirt are achieved with layers of sheer or opaque fabrics. Then there is the train to the dress which is unique to this dress. “Romantic dresses are usually train lengths from a puddle over the chapel to dramatic cathedral lengths,” explains Osunkoya.

To get a better feel for a romantic wedding dress, we asked the experts what makes a wedding dress, well … romantic. “A romantic dress is one that evokes a soft, fairytale, ethereal feeling in the bride who wears it. It’s usually the kind of dress that most little girls dream of what their wedding dress would look like when they grow up, ”says Yemi Osunkoya, founder and designer of Kosibah.

When choosing your dress, if you’re unsure of what to ask for, remember, “I suggest something with fine lace details, like a sheer lace back, lace sleeves or a lace edging that highlights your cleavage, waist or train. If you’re not a fan of lace, I’ll go with silk muslin or silk tulle, ”notes Avoh.

If you dream of walking down the aisle in a romantic wedding dress, read on to see 21 of our favorite romantic dresses.

Shopping FAQs

Are you buying a wedding dress? We’ve answered three common questions brides have when shopping for a romantic wedding dress.

  • Are lace romantic wedding dresses more expensive? This depends on the time it takes to make the tip. There are many affordable lace dress options and you can definitely find something that will suit all budgets.
  • Is a romantic wedding dress fashionable? Let’s call it the modern renaissance, but romantic styles definitely have a moment, which makes it a very modern choice.
  • What should I wear to a vineyard wedding? We love a bohemian lace dress or even a modern jumpsuit. It really depends on your tastes and style, everything is possible and you shouldn’t worry about the dress matching the venue.


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