• Randy Fenoli informed Insider he is not on board with the black wedding costume development.
  • He mentioned he thinks they seem to be a unhealthy enterprise transfer for wedding costume designers.
  • Fenoli additionally mentioned he thinks black “ought to be reserved for funerals.”

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Randy Fenoli has seen many bridal traits come and go as a wedding costume designer, bridal advisor, and trend director at Kleinfeld Bridal of “Say Sure to the Costume” fame.

And there are just a few traits he cannot get on board with.

Talking with Insider about his profession in bridal trend and his 15 years on “Say Sure to the Costume” — presently in its 20th season — Fenoli shared that he did not love when outsized clothes turned fashionable within the 1980s and mentioned he’ll by no means be a supporter of sheer wedding robes.

He additionally mentioned he’s “not a fan” of black wedding clothes, at the same time as they grow to be extra fashionable with brides.

Randy Fenoli looks at a bride at Kleinfeld.

Insider spoke to Randy Fenoli forward of the 20th season of “Say Sure to the Costume.”


Fenoli mentioned he does not like black robes, each as a result of he does not benefit from the aesthetic and since he thinks they’re unhealthy enterprise for wedding-dress designers, as they might make white clothes much less interesting.

“As soon as we as bridal robe designers begin doing coloured wedding clothes, they grow to be night robes,” he mentioned. “So we’re placing ourselves out of a job. Anyone can go to any retailer and purchase a black costume or a purple costume.”

“There are such a lot of ladies that look lovely in black, however that is the sooner or later the place you get to put on white,” Fenoli mentioned, including that he does assume gentle, pastel shades are applicable for wedding clothes.

A photo of Randy Fenoli hanging off of a rack of wedding dresses in front of a rainbow backdrop.

Randy Fenoli is starring on season 20 of “Say Sure to the Costume.”


“I believe that black personally ought to be reserved for funerals,” he went on to say. “And that’s simply my opinion. And I am gonna stick behind that 100%.”

Regardless of his sturdy emotions about black wedding robes, Fenoli did not rule out the likelihood that he might design one himself sometime.

“I’ll do one sooner or later simply as a joke,” he mentioned.

You may watch new episodes of “Say Sure to the Costume” on TLC on Saturday at eight pm ET.

Randy Fenoli Doesn’t Like Black Wedding Dresses, Thinks for Funerals


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