PENFIELD, Illinois – A new photo booth is premiering at this year’s Historic Farm Days.

Bruce Cline of Remember When Photo Booth Co. is putting the finishing touches on a 6 by 12 foot air-conditioned trailer that will be located next to the Agricultural History Museum of the I&I Antique Tractor and Gas Engine Club in the former Penfield Grade School during the show dated July 8-11.

“When they enter, it will be like going to another world. There are hundreds of LED lights and all the walls have beautiful curtains. When the lights change color, so do the walls, ”said Cline.

“I hate the status quo, so I keep reinventing what we do. The trailer will be a quantum leap in what we do. We had a lot of fun getting it set up and running. We are enthusiastic and can hardly wait. “

This is not your typical photo booth in a mall. The photo lab quality printer produces waterproof photos that are light and UV resistant.

The photo templates include the Historic Farm Days logo and event information that also promotes the show.

“They will show the photos to their friends and some may say that they have never heard of I&I and want to go there. So not only will you be entertained, but it’s also an advertisement to attract younger people and families to the event, ”remarked Cline.

“When we did the first event, there were so many families there who took beautiful pictures and we got great feedback. Memories are created. “

He added visitors to the Historic Farm Days 2019, including visitors from England and Switzerland who had their photos taken at the stand.


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