To many, it seems that the state does not trust the state’s ability to responsibly host events as it continues to have such strict restrictions on wedding and event venues and relax them for other types of organizations or businesses.

“That we couldn’t do it safely is basically the perception that is particularly offensive because our industry is really built on security, protocols and practices,” she said.

Debora Gordon, co-owner of Fairview Farm Events in Powhatan, said it felt like the wedding industry was being singled out by the governor.

“He recently said we just can’t get into bigger groups because of hugging and kissing, singing and dancing. … Bars can stay open until midnight and big outdoor concerts can be held so they don’t sing, dance and kiss? Degrees and proms are allowed, ”she said. “Our weddings are in most cases better” behaved “and respect the mandates in force, and we cannot have a wedding that lasts longer than 11 pm.”

Part of the problem, as they see it, is that the wedding industry doesn’t have strong lobbying power with the General Assembly to get their voices heard, Moody said. Outside of the big hoteliers, if you think of the majority of the companies in the industry, they are mom and pop operations like photographers, caterers, bakers, florists, videographers, lighting technicians, transport companies, party rentals, photo booth rentals, bridal shops , Cleaners, tailors, tuxedo rental stores, landscaping and maintenance workers, and many more niche businesses.


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