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Text description of the architects. Photo Booth Pantheon was designed for Hello Wood Festival 2019 to become the Monument to the Builders Society of Hello Wood. Photo Booth Pantheon is a building, a monument, a performative installation and at the same time a tool. A real photo booth depicting historical and contemporary memory tendencies that are becoming increasingly important in the age of viral sharing.

© Tamás Bujnovszky© Tamás Bujnovszky

Pantheon, Walhalla, Hall of Fame. Places where the key characters of our history and mythology are introduced. Our heroes and our gods are there for the future. There are also key characters, heroes and gods in the Builders Society. They can be anyone and they are different from year to year. That kind of sales in the Builders Society is reflected in the Hello Wood pantheon. As a result, our Pantheon design didn’t have permanent statues in the wall niches waiting for the Builders Society members to fill them.

© Tamás Bujnovszky© Tamás Bujnovszky

The Photo Booth Pantheon invited all members of Hello Wood to become part of the monument. Thanks to the structure of our proposal, there are two types of spatial quality that participants can meet.

Floor plan 01Floor plan 01Plan of the resultPlan of the result

One can simply step into the ordinary interior of the Pantheon to attend as a visitor, tourist, or believer in the Builders Society. Another can easily enter the space of the wall of the pantheon. Inside the wall is a completely different room that serves as a backdrop for memories of the future. A nonsense, but a real space between the present and the future in a theoretical way.

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And finally there is a hole in between. The wall niche that is open. This wall niche is an extension of the interior of the Pantheon, but only accessible from the wall. It’s a special hole that looks more like a portal, a gate in between. When someone becomes visible in this hole, he becomes history. They become the bust statue of the Pantheon on display for a while. Or as long as you want.

© Paradigm Ariadné GoPro02© Paradigm Ariadné GoPro02© Paradigm Ariadné GoPro02© Paradigm Ariadné GoPro02

And at that point, another thread of the story begins. In relation to this pantheon is also a photo booth, in the middle of the ordinary room there was a camera that operates in 360 degrees. This camera took special photos of the people entering while standing as part of the Builders Society memorial. These photos are cropped to a square, so they can easily be uploaded to Instagram.

© Paradigm Ariadné GoPro02© Paradigm Ariadné GoPro02

On Instagram, these images represent a historical type of memorial, the pantheon, which corresponds to the current habits of how our society collects memories today.

© Paradigm Ariadné GoPro01© Paradigm Ariadné GoPro01© Paradigm Ariadné GoPro01© Paradigm Ariadné GoPro01


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