Three Emerging Trends in the Global Photo Booth Market Through 2027

The rapid digitization in all retail stores could lead to new growth steps in the photo booth market in the coming years. Government organizations are introducing new initiatives to promote international tourism and increase the demand for affordable photo booths in all tourist destinations.

Photo booths are also popular at parties and weddings as they incorporate sleek designs, custom backgrounds, and themed text on photos. Open air booths are mostly used at events with limited space such as festivals, parties, corporate events, school formals, and weddings. Portable photo studios offer people a more engaging and fun experience than traditional enclosed photo booths.

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In view of the robust demand, several companies in the photo booth market are bringing advanced products to the market. For example, 2016 saw the launch of the Magic Mirror Photo Booth, which allows full-length images to be captured using a reflective touchscreen screen. After clients have taken a pose, they can use the painting pad to adjust their photos on the screen and then have them printed immediately. Global Market Insights, Inc. reports that the photo booth market with such product launches could grow by over $ 1 billion by 2027.

Listed below are some of the key trends that can affect the Photo Booth market outlook:

1) Integration of advanced imaging functions

Light and compact photo booths are becoming more and more important on the market. These booths are now equipped with advanced imaging technology. Photo booth companies offer a variety of product features such as an innovative printing system, customer logos on products, green screen support, custom frames and backgrounds, and touchscreen navigation.

2) Robust technological innovations

The latest photo booths provide a hassle-free way to capture and print high quality pictures. Some of these booths are equipped with 4G mobile hotspots that people can use to share their photos online on various social media sites. Easy access to photo booths with a variety of props and custom backgrounds attracts more customers. These booths are often stationed at corporate events to increase the fun and entertainment for guests and employees.

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3) Increasing demand across North America

The North American photo booth market is expected to expand significantly due to the robust adoption of photo booths in retail stores and malls. Retail stores are using effective customer loyalty methods to cope with the growing crowd. With an in-store photo booth, retailers can increase their business presence using messenger apps like Line and Facebook. The interactive photo booth system enables retailers to increase their brand awareness and loyalty and offer customers a pleasant shopping experience.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Methodology and Scope

1.1 Scope and Definitions

1.2 Methodology and forecast parameters

1.3 COVID-19 impact

1.3.1 North America

1.3.2 Europe

1.3.3 Asia-Pacific

1.3.4 Latin America

1.3.5 MEA

1.4 data sources

1.4.1 Secondary

1.4.2 Primary

Chapter 2 Summary

2.1 Photo booth industry 360º Synopsis, 2017-2027

2.1.1 Business development

2.1.2 Regional trends

2.1.3 Component trends

2.1.4 Type trends

2.1.5 Application trends

Chapter 3 Insights into the Photo Booth Industry

3.1 Industry segmentation

3.2 Effects of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19)

3.2.1 Global outlook

3.2.2 Regional outlook North America Europe Asia-Pacific Latin America MEA

3.2.3 The industrial value chain Raw material and component suppliers Manufacturer Technology providers

3.2.4 Competitive landscape Marketing & Strategy Business growth

3.3 Analysis of the industrial ecosystem

3.3.1 Development of photo booths

3.3.2 Raw material and component suppliers

3.3.3 Manufacturer

3.3.4 Technology providers

3.3.5 Issuers / Providers of Third Party Payments

3.3.6 Telecommunication Operators

3.3.7 System integrators

3.3.8 Service providers

3.3.9 Dealer

3.3.10 Supplier matrix

3.4 Technology and innovation landscape

3.4.1 Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

3.4.2 Effects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

3.4.3 NFC and RFID-enabled photo booths

3.4.4 Virtual photo booth

3.4.5 3D technology

3.4.6 Green Screen Technology

3.5 Regulatory landscape

3.6 Influential forces in industry

3.6.1 Growth drivers Integration of advanced technologies in photo booths Increasing adoption of photo booths in the entertainment industry in North America Increasing investments by market participants to improve image quality in Europe Introduce social networking sites among young populations in the Asia-Pacific region Growing Internet penetration and digitization in Latin America Booming travel and tourism industry in the MEA

3.6.2 Pitfalls and challenges in the industry High machine costs Poor quality photos that create security risks Growth of the rental photo booth market

3.7 Growth potential analysis

3.8 Porter Analysis

3.8.1 Supplier power

3.8.2 Purchasing power

3.8.3 New Entry Threat

3.8.4 Threat from substitutes

3.8.5 Internal rivalry

3.9 PESTEL analysis

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