CHUBBUCK, Idaho (KIFI) – The Gate City area expands the limited opportunities for couples to tie the knot. Two venues are slated to open this summer.

In Chubbuck, longtime wedding photographer Cassidy Bell is building a brand new event center called The Hive in Patriot Square on Chubbuck Road.

“When I was in the wedding industry, I just realized that our area really is a shortage of wedding venues,” said Bell.

Of the places in town that Bell photographed, most of them have a barn or rustic theme. She saw an opportunity to provide couples with a sleek, modern way to get married.

“I wanted to create a space that I would love to photograph in person. Something with a photographer’s eye that is just a white, empty room that anyone can come in and make their own,” said Bell.

Construction on the project began in November, but Bell has been dreaming and working on this project for years.

“There are actually many years in development,” said Bell.

Creating a function space during a pandemic that rocked the wedding industry could pose a risk, but Bell doesn’t see it that way. In fact, she’s already booking events for the summer.

“It’s going to be a crazy year for the wedding industry. People are really getting booked this year and even next year because everyone who rescheduled and postponed – it’s time to get married,” said Bell.

The Hive is offering an early bird price to anyone planning their event before construction is complete, which is expected to close in mid-May, just in time for the June wedding season.

For more information about The Hive, please visit or To book an appointment for your event, send an email to [email protected]

The Valentine Event Center in Old Town Pocatello also books weddings for 2021. Built in 1916, Pocatello woman Mecinna Price, who originally housed the First National Bank, began renovating the space in February.

Visit the Valentine Event Center at or send an email to [email protected] The public can tour the ballroom on April 2nd during the Friday Night Art Walk.


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