March 24, 2021
Posted by Kevin Lajoie

Cornwall Ontario – A new photo booth has popped up at Lamoureux Park to spread the Cornish pride and usher in the warmer weather.

I Love Cornwall’s new hot air balloon photo booth has become an instant hit. People of all ages stop to show their community pride and take a picture in the colorful 12 foot tall prop in front of beautiful Lamoureux Park.

Cornwall Tourism led the initiative with the support of the Parks, Recreation and Agencies departments of the City of Cornwall. Local companies Long Graphics and Balloon Babes were key in bringing it all together and adding the finishing touches to give it a realistic hot air balloon appearance.

“We wanted to create something that was fun for the residents and if it could also help promote Cornwall it would be even better,” said Amy Malyon, Cornwall City Tourism Coordinator. “For most people, the image of the hot air balloon brings back fond memories from the days it took off, and the idea somehow worked from there.”

The photo prop will be set up in Lamoureux Park on selected days in spring and summer when the weather is nice.

Making seats is a priority for the city of Cornwall. The new pop-up photo booth builds on previous efforts to create safe and fun experiences in public spaces. Last year the city of Cornwall added colorful picnic tables to Lamoureux Park and downtown Cornwall, as well as the artistic pop-up sea containers for artisans.

“These projects are all about making placemaking and helping to make Cornwall a little brighter,” said Malyon.

The hot air balloon booth is being used in conjunction with an upcoming I Love Cornwall testimonial campaign run by Cornwall Tourism.

“We are asking people to share their hot air balloon photos, along with a brief testimonial of why they love Cornwall. Testimonials submitted can be used in a range of publicity and promotional projects for the city and entrants have a chance to win a great I ‘heart’ Cornwall swag, ”added Malyon.

Residents are encouraged to exercise caution when taking photos in the cabin. The structure is stable, but a temporary installation. The device is wiped and disinfected daily. However, users are encouraged to use hand sanitizer before and after getting into the cart.

About Cornwall Tourism

Cornwall Tourism is responsible for marketing Cornwall to attract new visitors. The office maintains a year-round visitor information center in the Civic Complex. is an online resource that provides the latest tourism news and a comprehensive calendar of events.

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