Ever since NASA viewed Mars as a potentially habitable planet, I’ve wondered if we could one day live on Mars. If we do, how will our images appear on the red planet? It’s a strange thought, I know, but surprisingly, NASA thought about it too. A tool has been developed that allows you to overlay yourself or anyone on a real-life image of Mars captured by the Perseverance rover.

If you don’t live under a rock, chances are you’ve heard about NASA’s mission to Mars. The space agency launched a robot rover on the red planet back in July 2020, and the SUV-sized rover called “Perseverance” recently landed successfully on the alien planet. Since then, NASA has released various images showing the red landscapes and surroundings of Mars.

The Mars Perseverance Photo Booth

Aside from using the stunning Mars images for research purposes, NASA is letting the general public use them as backgrounds for their images.

The space agency has created a special tool on its official website with which you and / or your loved ones can get a real picture of the Martian landscapes. The tool, called Mars Perseverance Photo Booth, allows anyone to use various NASA images of Mars, including those captured by Perseverance, as the background for their images.

So you can select an image of Martian landscapes, upload an image of you, and let the tool do the job. Upon completion, you will receive a picture of you and / or your companion standing on the extraterrestrial planet in front of the red landscapes of Mars.

To test it I used the tool to generate some images. You can check out some of them right below:

Now remember that the images have a “Mars Perseverance” watermark that you cannot remove. However, the images come out great.

The tool does a great job of cutting out the design for the pictures. There are minimal issues with edge detection, although the tool struggles a little with cluttered images.

If you’d like to try the tool too, you can create your own image of Mars on NASA’s official website. This is a great way to tell your little ones that you went to Mars for a trip and came back with no gifts for them as there are no stores on the alien planet – well, not yet. Either way, it’s fun!


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