While the world was eagerly watching Thursday as NASA’s Perseverance Rover successfully landed on MarsSnapshots flooded social media with excited viewers taking a pose on the Red Planet.

Most of them were provided by NASA Mars Perseverance photo booth, a virtual photo op where you can upload a picture to see yourself (or a specific one) strange senator) poses on Mars next to NASA’s robotic rover or the Atlas V rocket that brought it into space, or on the ground at mission control. It is one of several interactive functions The agency was designed for space lovers to get in on the hype. This includes several themed social media filters, an interactive starter pack, and a 3-D tour of Persistence.

“Welcome to Mars! We can’t bring you to Mars (yet!), But we can bring the Red Planet to you, ”says the NASA photo booth side.

NASA originally released a bunch of persistence-themed online goodies last summer, but the rover’s highly anticipated landing this week sparked a new wave of pseudo Mars selfies on Twitter, Instagram, and the like. (If you’ve caught one, feel free to share it in the comments!)

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NASA’s rover landed successfully on Mars at 3:55 p.m. (12:55 p.m.) Thursday and landed in Jezero crater, the site of a former lake and river delta. The 2,260-pound rover will frolic on the Red Planet for the next two years looking for evidence that it was once home to microscopic life. Persistence, now the fifth rover to hit the surface of Mars, is one of three missions that will arrive on the planet along with the one this month The UAE Hope probe and China’s Tianwen-1 Mission.


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