NASA’s Perseverance rover landed safely on Mars and already marks several important milestones, including the first flight to another planet and the first time Mars was deprived of oxygen. But while NASA cannot (yet) take us to Mars, it can at least place our image there.

The space agency has released a new framework that allows you to upload your existing photos and transport your image to Mars.

You don’t need to have any technical skills to do this. You just upload your photo (preferably a silhouette, high contrast photo) and NASA’s algorithm will do the rest.

There are several frames that you can use from both Mars and NASA headquarters.

NASA originally released a number of online perseverance goodies last summer, but the feature recently attracted a surge of attention after the rover landed on Mars.

Of course, some have used it to produce memes, and it’s hard to disapprove of the results.

It’s not just people – NASA encourages users to post photos of themselves and their dogs. But we had other ideas: We tried one of our ZME Science cats. This may or may not have resulted in some cat spam in our chat group.

(It totally worked.)

Ultimately, it’s a fun toy to play with and a great way to celebrate Perseverance’s achievements.

The jeep-sized rover, weighing just over a tonne, searches for signs of microbial life on the Red Planet and explores the planet’s geology, past climates, and potential biology.

Do you have photos that you want to share? Leave them in the comments section!

The frame can be downloaded here free of charge.


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