NAPERVILLE, IL – A Naperville bridal boutique is giving back after a tumultuous year to give away 26 wedding dresses to health care workers and key frontline workers.

Bri’Zan Couture provides brides with dresses that have put others first for a year.

Owner Sue Curelli is celebrating her 13th anniversary next month and wanted to celebrate this milestone by giving away 26 dresses – 13 to key employees and 13 more to healthcare workers such as doctors and nurses.

The boutique has great dresses to choose from with a variety of styles.

Curelli said she saw family members work so hard during the lockdown and felt like she had to do something.

The free dresses are given to the front lines, and key employees were regularly employed during the lockdown months between March and June last year and continue to do this job, with ID and pay slips.

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