Governor Cuomo announced that from March 15, weddings with a capacity of 50% or up to 150 people can be held and all people must be tested within 72 hours of the event with the approval of the Ministry of Health.

Rund said it is still awaiting further guidance regarding testing.

“There wasn’t too much information on it, even though we know you can get tests and certain drug stores have free tests and tests now seem a lot more accessible,” said Rund.

Event coordinator MarKay Hargather said there are currently around 70 weddings planned and even booked through 2023.

“The thing is, as long as everyone follows the guidelines, we will always have extra staff here,” said Hargather. “I know that getting people through the door is very important to many of my brides. How do we get 150 people through the door? I will have extra people on the doorstep and we will have security at every event. “

Masks must always be worn, even if you are dancing and just staying on the floor in your six-foot-tall bladder, which Rund said could be tricky.

“That will be a challenge, especially a few hours after the event has started, but we suspect that overall people want to be safe,” said Rund.

A Monroe County Health Department spokesman said Tuesday that they are working on an online form that the venue operator must submit to the county for each event.

The DOH also prompts them to provide contact tracking information after each event.

“Our first party of any size isn’t until the end of May, so we have more time to see what rules might come out at that point,” said Rund.


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