MILLCREEK, Utah – A week after a fire damaged more than a dozen stores in Millcreek, including Jung’s Alterations, customers are trying to track down their wedding gowns for their big day.

Sarah Jensen’s wedding dress has been changed and she should come to Jung’s Alterations on Wednesday to have her dress made and then pick it up on Saturday.

The shop was still closed because of the fire and Jensen worried that her dream dress was gone forever.

“I got engaged in February 2020 and then came the pandemic and those kind of lengthy things,” she said.

Jensen said it looked good for a walk with her fiancé in September after finding her dream dress.

“I had my mother with me. My bridesmaids with me. We made a day out of it. You finally put that on. You just know, “she said.

Then she got word last week that Jung’s Alterations was one of the stores damaged in a massive fire.

Jensen asked himself, “This is my biggest concern. Did the dress survive the fire? Didn’t it survive the fire? “

Earlier this week, Mequette Sorensen, the owner, said they were concerned that the fire had ruined wedding and bridesmaid dresses, but they managed to save many of them.

“So we all piled up with these wedding dresses to go to the car, and here was Jung making sure she took every wedding dress,” Sorensen described.

She said Jung is eager to help all customers find their clothes because she takes care of each of them.

Jensen said she wasn’t angry or feeling bad that the store was damaged, but she wanted answers.

“We have time. We can get another one. It may not be that, but it is something that can be replaced,” Jensen said calmly.

KSL put Jensen in touch with Mequette to find out if her dress was one of the ones she had brought from the store.

If you’re a Jung’s Alterations customer trying to track down a dress, email [email protected] with an invoice number and a description of your dress.


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