Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss from Sister Wives. Image Credit: TLC

In TLC’s latest preview clip for Sister Wives, viewers watch Mariah and Audrey begin their search for wedding venues. Meri and Kody reveal the different types of venues the couple is considering, including a botanical garden, ski area, and family farm (with a castle!).

Back on the confessional bed, Meri describes how Mariah came to the family three years ago as a gay man. Meri says she will “never forget and always regret” her reaction and blame her ignorance. She said her reaction made her feel like “such a bad mother”.

Audrey’s parents, Rick and Joan, come to the venue with a friend of the engaged couple named Claire, who offers the family the tour of the inner botanical gardens. Mariah announces that she and Audrey will get married on August 29th. The date matters as both Mariah and Audrey’s birthdays fall on the 29th.

When the family enters the garden, Kody asks Mariah if they want to dance. Mariah and Audrey firmly answer with a resounding “yes”. Kody and his four wives take turns describing their dance styles to the cameras in a funny moment of the clip.

(Volume up ๐Ÿ”Š). Tonight at # 90dayfiance, Yara goes shopping for her wedding dress! But we changed her partner because he’s so great at helping.
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Long-time viewers know that the Brown family always dances weddings too

Meri and Kody really seemed to enjoy describing each other’s dance moves, and it’s been a refreshing change in the couple’s interactions lately. The two laughed and enjoyed a moment together that viewers hadn’t seen on the show in a while.

Mariah and her fiancรฉe Audrey recently visited the family to announce they are moving to Utah. Mariah and Audrey have lived in Chicago since 2019. They moved there so Mariah could complete her graduation program.

It looks like Meri and Kody’s only daughter will have a bigger presence on the show this season. With Mariah and Audrey’s news that they are so close to the family and an upcoming wedding later this year, fans will be excited to see their story this season.

Mariah is Kody and Meri’s only biological child. She is third in order of birth among her 17 siblings between her four mothers Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn.

Meri and Mariah seem to have mended their relationship

Meri and Mariah have hit some rough spots in their relationship over the years. When Meri’s catfishing scandal happened, Mariah struggled to forgive Meri for it. Mariah recently touted her mom on social media, sending a positive sign that the two have renewed their relationship.

Meri recently shared how the family raised their children very differently from how they were raised. She said in the clip that they told their kids that they can do what they want and that Mariah does just that.

The rest of the family were very friendly when Mariah came out gay and TLC cameras were there to capture the reactions. It’s likely that fans of the show will see more of Mariah and Audrey’s wedding planning in the coming season.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 / 9c on TLC.

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