MOORHEAD – Alison Mischke and Steele Johnson of Williston, North Dakota were due to get married on November 28th. It was the height of the Fargo-Moorhead pandemic.

“Planning a new wedding is a nightmare,” said Mischke. “We have about 200 guests coming to our wedding.”

The two now have a new appointment for mid-June at Rustic Oaks in south Moorhead. Mischke and Johnson will be one of many couples to tie the knot this summer if the pandemic goes from our lives.

“This year we’re doing receptions for a lot of brides. If they had a wedding ceremony last year, we’re going to have their reception this year,” said Shanelle Klein for Rustic Oaks.

It’s not just more couples planning weddings this summer. Many couples plan retreats and get-togethers, things they didn’t do last year.

According to Rustic Oaks, lots of outdoor space and large farm buildings have been a selling point for businesses and brides who want a large yet safe event.

“May 1st is our first official wedding of the season and after that we’re busy all summer in a row, which is great,” said Klein.

For Mischke, she sticks to her old invitations and wedding items from last autumn, as they are part of her wedding story that has yet to be told.

“What I’m going to tell my children and grandchildren is that one day we tried to get married and had a two-year engagement,” said Mischke.

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