“[We said] If we could do one event a month we would be happy and in the end we would have done 12 without really trying because of quarantine and lockdown, ”Andrew said.

Especially at the start of the wedding season, Andrew and Angie are busy every weekend, working full-time during the week before heading out for a Saturday wedding and then maybe a Sunday photo shoot. With their growing business, they would also have already surpassed the goal of booking 26 events that they had set for 2021.

“We have been blessed to get where we are now,” said Andrew.

The two even took Juniper to community events last year and took the bus to Halcyon and NoFo Brewing Co. Angie said some families in the area have started recognizing her, and everyone always likes to see the bus and have their photo taken in the back seat.

She noticed that Juniper has only one way to make people happy.

“Once you come to the event and settle in, there’s never a person who doesn’t have a smile on their faces,” Angie said.

However, some of Andrew’s favorite moments when he brings Juniper into the community are hearing others’ stories about their time in their own 1970s Volkswagen buses.

“Anyone who was over 12 in their ’70s or earlier has a story about,’ Oh, I remember when I was 21 and we drove one of them across the country, ‘” Andrew said. “It brings back a lot of nostalgia for a lot of people, which is kind of cool…. I love hearing people’s stories about what they did with their bus. You will be amazed how many people will tell you they had one too. I think they were way more popular than I thought. “


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