Actresses Isha Malviya and Priyanka Chaudhary will choose their special clothes for an upcoming wedding sequence on the show “Udaariyaan”.

Isha, who plays the role of Jasmine, gets married on the show and Priyanka, id Jasmine’s sister, Tejo.

Priyanka says she has always loved dressing up for weddings.

“I’ve always been a fan of weddings. I remember going on endless shopping trips whenever a close friend got married. I think that, along with all the dancing and partying, it’s best, the perfect one Choosing outfits for weddings is an important and exciting part. When Isha and I were informed of the upcoming wedding track, we were both very excited and decided to choose our own wedding dresses, “she says.

Isha adds that she and Priyanka spent hours designing her look.

“Both Priyanka and I are die-hard shopaholics and we love traditional dresses. Priyanka and I had the thought at almost the same time that our director told us about the wedding sequence that we would choose our dresses. We were both overjoyed and we have.” Spent hours with our designer planning the perfect look. It was like shopping for my wedding! We are both very happy with our outfits, which are absolutely stunning and perfectly bring out the flavor of Punjab, “she says of the Wedding order in the colors show.

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