Salina Reimer and Janelle Aday are not part of the “selfie generation”, but they saw a business opportunity for those who are.

The two have teenage daughters involved in cheerleading and are linked through their experiences as cheering mothers. And now they are taking both families with them on a new company.

Selfie Wrld opened at the Sioux Empire Mall earlier this month and invited guests to pose and take photos at a dozen Instagrammable booths. Most people use the professionally lit and designed sets to post photos on Instagram or record TikTok videos, they said.

“It’s a do-it-yourself photo booth with fun experiences and backdrops that appeal to young and old,” said Reimer, 43.

Customers can reserve an hour to take photos in the 8 x 8 foot booths, from holiday themed sets to swings, graffiti walls, or a “lighted” booth with neon and fairy lights.

The business idea arose from Des Moines by founder and wedding photographer Ashley Wilkerson, who was unemployed due to the pandemic. The store opened in June and expanded to Miami. Sioux Falls is the premier franchise location for Selfie Wrld.

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Reimer found out about the deal through a friend in Des Moines and thought Sioux Falls would be a good place to do it.

“I think it gives the kids a new place to take their TikTok (videos) and selfies, and it’s fun and safe,” Reimer said.

The store is located near Applebee’s in the Camping World wing of the mall.

Customers take photos at the Selfie Station in Merle Hay Mall with multiple interactive installations with lighting and background on Wednesday July 8, 2020.

Although some stations are required, most of the ideas are from Reimer and Aday. A local Augustana student helped paint some sets, including a graffiti wall.

Aday, 44, said they hope to showcase more local artists and work with other local businesses. Eventually, at the start of the business, Aday is hoping to get her full time realtor back, and Reimer plans to get back to her work as a home mom.

Tickets to the room are $ 22 for adults, $ 15 for children ages 3-15, and are free for children under 3 years of age. The opening times are Tuesday to Thursday from 2pm to 9pm, Friday and Saturday from 12pm to 9pm and Sunday from 12pm to 6pm. The room can also be reserved for birthday parties and holiday celebrations.

Masks are required according to the city mandate, but don’t have to be worn when taking photos, Reimer said.

Customers pose for pictures at the Selfie Station, an Instagram-friendly exhibit on the Merle Hay Mall.


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