Importance of the wedding planner


We have been wondering if you know what a Wedding Planner is and the work it does. With this post we will help you understand what work any Wedding Organizer or Wedding Planner does.

The figure of the Wedding Planner was born in the United States as a result of the lack of time that couples had to organize and coordinate perfectly every aspect of their wedding. Gradually this service was professionalized and in countries like the United States and England there is no wedding worth its salt that does not have a Wedding Planner. Now in Spain it is becoming fashionable because of the pace of life we ​​have and the complexity of today’s weddings.

What is their job?

A Wedding Planner knows how to plan, coordinate and direct all the fields that concern a wedding, as well as manage its logistics and technical aspects.

At the same time, he knows the market very well and the suppliers that operate in it, using the resources he has in the best possible way for the benefit of the bride and groom to guarantee a safe success, saving them time and money.

Do you think it is a service for the rich?

A Wedding Planner is an investment, our clients are very varied, not high class, we have secretaries, taxi drivers, administrative, etc. that thanks to our work time and money are saved.

A Wedding Planner has a large database of suppliers, of different styles, prices, products, services, depending on the budget and the tastes of each couple. The market is so wide that it can drive anyone crazy. They accompany throughout this organizational process.

They negotiate with suppliers, because they know the sector and have the necessary experience, we fight on your behalf so that the conditions of the products or services are the best: terms, payments, extras, guarantees, etc. That saves you a lot of problems and money.

A wedding is a complex phenomenon, which involves numerous activities and the provision of very different goods and services. That is why many unforeseen events and delays can arise, you have to be on top continuously and whoever best controls that is an expert, a Wedding Planner.


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