Though giving up large wedding appearances was a blow to the business side, many of the photographers said they always preferred to shoot smaller weddings. Artistically, this move towards more micro-weddings is a welcome move. “My style is generally aimed at smaller, more intimate ceremonies. In all honesty, COVID is bringing more and more weddings to my wheelhouse,” shares Phillips. “That’s not to say that weddings of 300+ people aren’t intimate and I won’t photograph them, but I think my style, which is very photojournalistic, attracts couples who throw smaller parties because they put intimacy over grandiosity . ” Wroblewski feels the same way. “I love small weddings. I could take photos every day,” she says. “Small weddings allow the bride and groom or the bride or groom to really focus on each other and their relationship. They can take the time and space to be with each other. Big weddings can be so hectic: prep pictures are 10-12 Then they have so much time to do that and then we have to take family photos. It can get a little too messy.


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