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The newlyweds Hiren and Casey Joshi with their parents Richard and Merrilee Espinosa (left) and Rakesh and Shoba Joshi right.

HOUSTON: Both big sports fans in Houston and mostly followed each other on Twitter. One evening five years ago both of them were at a Houston Rockets game and Casey texted Hiren and suggested they meet. There was chemistry immediately and they decided to meet the following week at Discovery Green, a park near the Toyota Center. They were walking around ordering food and sitting down to talk and before they knew it it was 5 hours and a security guard let them know the park was closed for the night! In those 5 hours it became clear how much they had in common. They shared a respect for their parents, a love for their families, and a commitment to their friends.

Fast forward to July 2017, and Hiren told Casey that he had a special date night planned for her this weekend. He asked her to dress well for dinner and pack a travel bag to spend the night somewhere. Casey suspected he would ask the question over dinner, but they ended up at the Marriott Marquis. From their window they could see the Toyota Center downstairs, where they first met, and Discovery Green, where they went on their first date. When Casey turned around, Hiren was on one knee begging her to be his wife! The next day they met their parents at the hotel and they confirmed their engagement with a traditional Hindu ceremony.

A year later, on July 22nd, Hiren Joshi and Casey Espinosa were married at the Azalea Ballroom in the Westin Houston, Memorial City, first at a Hindu wedding. The Baraat arrived at 8:30 a.m. The ceremony was performed in Sanskrit at 10am by Pandit Niten Shukla and translated into English by his son Vishwesh, followed by a Gujarati thali lunch. The Catholic wedding took place later that evening at 5:30 p.m. This was followed by cocktails and a reception. The wedding planner was Therese Cole-Hubbs from Electric Karma International. Almost 60 members of the Joshi family, all of whom live in the United States, attended the wedding.

Hiren Joshi, 29, was born in India but came to the United States when he was one year old. He holds a bachelor’s degree in media and communications from the University of Houston and has been a digital and social manager for the Houston Rockets for the past five years. His father, Rakesh Joshi, has been in the granite business for many years and his mother, Shoba, is the host of the popular 25-year-old Gitanjali radio show. Hiren has also had his own one-hour segment on Gitanjali for the past seven years.

Casey Espinosa, 27, is a native of Houston who graduated from St. Thomas University with a degree in political science and most of the time volunteers with children with special needs. She is the daughter of Richard and Merrilee Espinosa. According to Hindu customs, Casey also took the name Nandika, which she chose herself. The couple will find their home in Houston.


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